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285 Images LLC Terms and Conditions 

By purchasing any products (Listing Photos, Listing Videos or Drone Photos) from 285 Images, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. All products provided by 285 Images will only transfer over the right of use for product but 285 Images retains copyrights for all products provided.

  2. All payments for any product provided will be paid anytime before product is delivered.  If payment isn't made before the photographer has photographed the property, then the 24 hour turn around time won't start until payment has been made.

  3. If 285 Images and client makes an agreement to deliver photos before payment has been made, if payment isn't made by the date agreed on then the MLS and clients Broker will be notified that copyright infringement has occurred and client will be no longer have use of any product provided by 285 Images.

  4. Unless a major problem arises (for example, car accident, etc.) All photos will be delivered within 24 hours after the photographer has photographed the property.  ​​​​​

  5. Client has 3 hours before scheduled shoot to cancel.  There will be a $50 cancellation fee if cancellation occurs within 3 hours before the scheduled shoot unless 285 Images deems the cause of cancellation to be out of the control of client.

  6. All photos will only be delivered through email and in digital format.  285 Images will not print any photos for clients.

  7. All properties should be prepped for photos before the photographer arrives.  If not already done, photographer will tun all ceiling fans off and all lights on.  Photographer will also open all window blinds unless client chooses otherwise.  If furniture is in the property (beds, sofas, etc.) then all furniture should be presentable for photos. 

  8. There will be a $25 charge for every 30 minutes photographer has to wait for property to be prepped in order to start the photo session.

  9. Drone photography can only be provided at properties where it is legal to fly a drone.  Our drone photographers are Part 107 certified and will not fly a drone where it's either illegal or deemed to be unsafe.

  10. Refunds will only be granted if 285 Images is at fault for unsatisfactory photos and service.  Client will have 48 hours from delivery of product(s) to contact 285 Images and request refund for unsatisfactory product(s) or services.

  11. If any photos needs to be reshot at no fault to 285 Images, then a $25 fee plus $20 per photo will be charged to the client unless agreed upon that the cause of the reshoot is at no fault of 285 Images or the client.   

  12. Communication is key.  If any issues arise, we ask that you communicate any and all issues in a timely fashion.  Our goal is to make you a client for life and proper communication is the only way to make all parties happy.   

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